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Lesson 328

Mechanics - Capitalization Review


Instructions: Capitalize each word that needs a capital letter.


1. The great dog story called lassie come home was written by major eric knight.


2. last year we visited yellowstone park, the tetons, mount rushmore, and several indian ruins.


3. Alaina shouted, "we can watch star wars again because mother said."


4. We think of the north with ice and snow but the south as hot and dry.


5. on thursday, june 18, the rev. tom gustaveson, the pastor of the baptist church, will come to canyon view junior high to speak about life in the australian outback.



--For answers scroll down.














1. Lassie Come Home/Major Eric Knight


2. Last/Yellowstone Park/Tetons/Mount Rushmore/Indian


3. We/Star Wars/Mother


4. North/South


5. On/Thursday/June/Rev. Tom Gustaveson/Baptist/Canyon View Junior High/Australian


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