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Quiz for Lessons 306 - 310

Mechanics - Capitalization


Instructions: Capitalize each word that needs a capital letter.


1. The state of south dakota has mount rushmore in it.


2. The work days are monday through friday.


3. The term caucasians comes from the caucasus mountains.


4. To the north lies montana, a state on fire.


5. The southwest has some very interesting sites.


6. This wednesday i have two meetings to attend.


7. The cold months are january and february.


8. Next summer we need to go to florida in the south.


9. The methodists and mormons are two religions that send out missionaries.


10. zions park and arches national park are fun to visit.



--For answers scroll down.














1. South Dakota/Mount Rushmore


2. Monday/Friday


3. Caucasians/Caucasus Mountains


4. Montana


5. Southwest


6. Wednesday/I


7. January/February


8. Florida/South


9. Methodists/Mormons


10. Zions Park/Arches National Park


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