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Lesson 33

Parts of Speech - Adjectives


Proper nouns, possessives and modifiers made from them, and common nouns can be adjectives. Examples: July storms, winter weather, Jim's boat, boy's bed.


Some authorities call nouns used to described another noun noun adjuncts. They tell us whose or what kind.


Instructions: Find the adjectives in these sentences..


1. Dan's new hat blew down the man's stairway.


2. Stormy spring weather can cause many flash floods.


3. Pam's new suitcase was ready for the Canadian trip.


4. December winds can make a dangerous Christmas trip.


5. The student's hope was the teacher's happiness.



--For answers scroll down.















1. Dan's, new, the, man's


2. Stormy, spring, many, flash


3. Pam's, new, the, Canadian


4. December, a, dangerous, Christmas


5. The, student's, the, teacher's


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