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Lesson 18

Parts of Speech - Nouns


Nouns are classified into two general classifications, proper and common. Proper nouns name a special person, place or thing and begin with capital letters. All other nouns begin with small letters and are common nouns.


Examples of common nouns include: city, man, boat, and radio. These could be changed into proper noun forms by naming specifics: Salt Lake City, Mr. Jones, Santa Maria, and Motorola.


Instructions: Pick out the nouns in these sentences and tell if they are common or proper.


1. Becky went with her sisters to Disneyland on Friday.


2. My youngest son is in Brazil until September.


3. Mr. Smith works with his wife in American Fork.


4. Love could bring marriage to Mark and Terri.



--For answers scroll down.














1. Becky, Disneyland, Friday - proper nouns; sisters - common noun


2. Brazil and September - proper nouns; son - common noun


3. Mr. Smith and American Fork - proper nouns; wife - common noun


4. Mark and Terri - proper nouns; love and marriage - common nouns (love is capitalized because it begins the sentence).



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