Daily Grammar

Quiz for Lessons 186 - 190

Parts of the Sentence - Review

Instructions: Using all the knowledge learned in the previous lessons, find the verbs, subjects, predicate nominatives, direct objects, appositives, nouns of address, adjectives, predicate adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, and objects of the preposition in the following sentences.  If there are any adjectives, adverbs, or prepositional phrases then tell what word they modify.

1. The woman in the green suit is Martha, our favorite neighbor.

TheAdj womanS inPrep theAdj greenAdj suitOoP isV  
MarthaPN, ourAdj favoriteAdj  

  - The modifies woman
  - in the green suit modifies woman
  - the and green modify suit
  - our and favorite modify neighbor

2. Oh, Grant, there is no electricity in our house now.

Oh, GrantNoA, there isV noAdj electricityS inPrep  
ourAdj houseOoP nowAdv.

  - no modifies electricity
  - in our house modifies electricity
  - our modifies house
  - now modifies is
(Oh = interjection; there = introductory there)

3. The racer ran past in a big hurry.

TheAdj racerS ranV pastAdv inPrep a bigAdj hurryOoP.

  - The modifies racer
  - past modifies ran
  - in a big hurry modifies ran
  - a and big modify hurry

4. The river past our house winds down into a steep valley.

TheAdj riverS pastPrep ourAdj houseOoP windsV  
downAdv intoPrep aAdj steepAdj valleyOoP.

  - The modifies river
  - past our house modifies river
  - our modifies house
  - down modifies winds
  - into a steep valley modifies winds
  - a and steep modify valley

5. Come in and don't stand outside in the cold.

ComeV inAdv and doVn'tAdv standV outsideAdv inPrep  
theAdj coldOoP. (understood youS)

  - in modifies Come
  - n't modifies do stand
  - outside modifies do stand
  - in the cold modifies do stand
  - the modifies cold

6. The rookie basketball player was caught off his guard.

TheAdj rookieAdj basketballAdj playerS  
was caughtV offPrep hisAdj guardOoP.

  - The, rookie, and basketball modify player
  - off his guard modifies was caught
  - his modifies guard

7. The mythology stories are well-known and exciting.

TheAdj mythologyAdj storiesS areV  
well-knownPAdj and excitingPAdj.

  - The and mythology modify stories
  - well-known and exciting modify stories

8. That old shoe is well-worn and completely worthless.

ThatAdj oldAdj shoeS isV well-wornPAdj and  
completelyAdv worthlessPAdj.

  - The and old modify shoe
  - well-worn and worthless modify shoe
  - completely modifies worthless

9. Will you climb up the ladder and through the window and open the door for me?

WillV youS climbV upPrep theAdj ladderOoP and  
throughPrep theAdj windowOoP and  
openV theAdj  
doorDO forPrep meOoP?

  - up the ladder modifies Will climb
  - the modifies ladder
  - through the window modifies Will climb
  - the modifies door
  - for me modifies Will open

10. These sentences with more concepts are becoming longer and harder.

TheseAdj sentencesS withPrep moreAdj conceptsOoP  
are becomingV longerPAdj  
and harderPAdj.

  - These modifies sentences
  - with more concepts modifies sentences
  - more modifies concepts
  - longer and harder modify sentences

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