Daily Grammar

Lesson 74

Parts of Speech - Prepositions

Instructions: Combine the sentences into one sentence using prepositional phrases. Example: The band marched. They marched across the football field. The band marched across the football field.

1. The runner jogged. He jogged around the park.

The runner jogged around the park.
   -- or --
Around the park the runner jogged.

2. I found my money. It was under the mattress.

I found my money under the mattress.
   -- or --
Under the mattress I found my money.

3. She looked around. She was in the store.

She looked around in the store.
   -- or --
In the store she looked around.

4. The students performed well. The performance was for the school play.

The students performed well for the school play.
   -- or --
For the school play the students performed well.

5. The man walked home. He was walking from work.

The man walked home from work.
   -- or --
The man walked from work home.
   -- or --
From work the man walked home.

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