Daily Grammar

Lesson 74

Parts of Speech - Prepositions

Instructions: Combine the sentences into one sentence using prepositional phrasesA prepositional phrase starts with a preposition, ends with an object, and may have modifiers between the preposition and the object of the preposition.
Source: Lesson 71

The band marched. They marched across the football field.
Answer: The band marched across the football field.

1. The runner jogged. He jogged around the park.

The runner jogged around the park.
   - or -
Around the park the runner jogged.

2. I found my money. It was under the mattress.

I found my money under the mattress.
   - or -
Under the mattress I found my money.

3. She looked around. She was in the store.

She looked around in the store.
   - or -
In the store she looked around.

4. The students performed well. The performance was for the school play.

The students performed well for the school play.
   - or -
For the school play the students performed well.

5. The man walked home. He was walking from work.

The man walked home from work.
   - or -
The man walked from work home.
   - or -
From work the man walked home.

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