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Quiz for Lessons 121 - 125

Parts of the Sentence - Transitive and Intransitive Verbs


Instructions: Tell whether the verbs in the following sentences are transitive active, transitive passive, intransitive linking, or intransitive complete.


1. The programs had been printed.


2. Jeff opened the door for his mother.


3. The parade began on time.


4. The weather has been very warm in November.


5. Mr. Johanson is an interesting person.


6. Winter lasts too long for me.


7. The beach was used by the entire town.


8. The apples had a sour taste.


9. Time passes rapidly during our vacation.


10. The jury made the right decision.



--For answers scroll down.















1. had been printed - transitive passive


2. opened - transitive active


3. began - intransitive complete


4. has been - intransitive linking


5. is - intransitive linking


6. lasts - intransitive linking or intransitive complete


7. was used - transitive passive


8. had - transitive active


9. passes - intransitive complete


10. made - transitive active


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