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Lesson 343

Mechanics - Punctuation - Commas


Use commas to set off the year in a date if three parts of date are given (month, day, year). Do not use commas if only two parts are given. Examples: I left May 23, 1958, at night. I know that July 1776 is an important date.


Instructions: Place commas where they are needed in these sentences.


1. Did you know that Thomas Jefferson died on July 4 1826?


2. On December 25 1961 I was in Brazil.


3. Their wedding day was June 24 1954 in Salt Lake City.


4. Where were you in November 1989?


5. On Friday August 14 1997 the accident happened.



--For answers scroll down.














1. July 4, 1826?


2. December 25, 1961, I


3. June 24, 1954, in


4. no commas needed (only two parts)


5. Friday, August 14, 1997, the



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