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Lesson 342

Mechanics - Punctuation - Commas


Use a comma after the parts of an address. (The house number and street name form one part, and state and ZIP code number form one part.) Example: My new address is 1234 North Main, Salt Lake City, Utah 84007.


Place no comma after the last part if it ends the sentence.


Instructions: Place commas where they are needed in these sentences.


1. John wrote to me from 462 Beacon Lane Cleveland Ohio 76504.


2. My sister lives at 635 Cherry Street Lexington Kentucky.


3. Ray Alber 876 Elm Drive Detroit Michigan 48300 is the person to contact.


4. Write them at 15 Oak Avenue Limorick Illinois 60614 today.


5. Jim's summer address will be Box 254 Grantsville Iowa 50689.



--For answers scroll down.














1. 462 Beacon Lane, Cleveland, Ohio 76504.


2. 635 Cherry Street, Lexington, Kentucky.


3. Ray Alber, 876 Elm Drive, Detroit, Michigan 48300, is


4. 15 Oak Avenue, Limorick, Illinois 60614, today.


5. Box 254, Grantsville, Iowa 50689.


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