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Lesson 339

Mechanics - Punctuation - Periods


Use a period with abbreviations used with figures showing time. Examples: A.M., P.M., B.C., and A.D.


Instructions: Put periods where needed in the following sentences.


1. I was born in A D 1940.


2. Be here at 4:30 A M , or you will not see me until 9:45 P M


3. What happened in A D 1776 that was of great importance?


4. People living in 2000 B C did not enjoy all that we have today.


5. Class starts promptly at 8:00 A M



--For answers scroll down.














1. A.D.


2. A.M. / P.M.


3. A.D.


4. B.C.


5. A.M.


(Notice that when a period is used for an abbreviation or some other reason at the end of the sentence, you do not need a second one to end the sentence. The one period does double duty.)


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