Daily Grammar

Quiz for Lessons 66 - 70

Parts of Speech - Adverbs

Instructions: Choose the correct form for the following sentences.

1. Matthew plays tennis (bad, badly).

Matthew plays tennis badly.

2. Can't you see the game (good, well)?

Can't you see the game well?

3. The apple tastes (bad, badly).

The apple tastes bad.

4. Are you (sure, surely) he will come?

Are you sure he will come?

5. The man felt (bad, badly) about the accident.

The man felt bad about the accident.

6. The weather has been (real, really) cold lately.

The weather has been really cold lately.

7. His death caused everyone to be (real, very) sad.

His death caused everyone to be very sad.

8. Do you feel (good, well)?

Do you feel well?

9. The pizza tastes (real, really) (good, well).

The pizza tastes really good.

10. You (sure, surely) are wrong.

You surely are wrong.

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