Daily Grammar

Quiz for Lessons 296 - 300

Parts of the Sentence - Compound & Complex Sentences

Instructions: Using all the knowledge learned in the previous lessons, find the verbs, subjects, predicate nominatives, direct objects, appositives, nouns of address, adjectives, predicate adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, objects of the preposition, indirect objects, objective complements, conjunctions, relative pronouns, and verbals in the following sentences.

If the word is a verbal, tell whether it is a gerund, participle, noun infinitive, adjective infinitive, or adverb infinitive.  If there are any adjectives, adverbs, prepositional phrases, verbals, or verbal phrases then tell what word they modify.

If the sentence has a dependent clause, tell whether it is a adjective clause, adverb clause, or noun clause.  If it is an adjective or adverb clause, tell which word it modifies, and if it is a noun clause tell how they are used.

1. Rulon steered the jeep down the muddy road to the camp site, and then he discovered that it was the wrong road.

RulonS steeredV theAdj jeepDO downPrep theAdj  
muddyAdj roadOoP toPrep theAdj campAdj  
discoveredV thatP itS  
wasV theAdj wrongAdj roadPN.

  - the modifies jeep
  - down the muddy road (adverb prepositional phrase) modifies steered
  - the and muddy modify road
  - to the camp site (adjective prepositional phrase) modifies road
  - the and camp modify site
  - then modifies discovered
  - that it was the wrong road (noun clause) used as the direct object
  - the and wrong modify road

2. When Carl came up to bat, the bases were loaded, and there were two outs.

WhenC CarlS cameV upAdv to batVbl,  
theAdj basesS wereV loadedPAdj, andC  
there wereV twoAdj  

  - When Carl came up to bat (adverb clause) modifies were
  - up modifies came
  - to bat (adverb infinitive) modifies came
  - the modifies bases
  - loaded modifies bases
  - there = introductory there
  - two modifies outs

3. I've just learned that our vacation plans must be changed; consequently, we'll leave later in the month.

IS'veV justAdv learnedV thatP ourPAdj  
vacationPAdj plansS must be changedV;  
weS'll leaveV laterAdv inPrep  
theAdj monthOoP.

  - just modifies 've learned
  - that our vacation plans must be changed (noun clause) used as the direct object
  - our and vacation modify plans
  - consequently modifies 'll leave
  - later modifies 'll leave
  - in the month (adverb prepositional phrase) modifies later
  - the modifies month

4. Older television sets had tubes; the newest models, which take less space, are digital televisions.

OlderAdj televisionAdj setsS hadV tubesDO; theAdj  
newestAdj modelsS,  
whichS takeV lessAdj  
digitalAdj televisionsPN.

  - Older and television modify sets
  - the and newest modify models
  - which take less space (adjective clause) modifies models
  - digital modifies televisions

5. My Uncle Al drove a snow-removal truck, and when there was a big snow storm, he was called to work at any time.

MyAdj Uncle AlS droveV aAdj snow-removalAdj  
truckDO, andC whenC there  
wasV aAdj bigAdj  
snowAdj stormS,  
heS was calledV toPrep workOoP  
atPrep anyAdj timeOoP.

  - My modifies Uncle Al
  - a and snow-removal modify truck
  - when there was a big snow storm (adverb clause) modifies was called
  - there = introductory there
  - a, big, and snow modify storm
  - to work (adverb prepositional phrase) modifies was called
  - at any time (adverb prepositional phrase) modifies was called
  - any modifies time

6. If you are an election judge, you distribute the ballots, and you count them after the polls close.

IfC youS areV anAdj electionAdj judgePN, youS  
distributeV theAdj ballotsDO,  
andC youS  
theAdj pollsS closeV.

  - If you are an election judge (adverb clause) modifies distribute
  - an and election modify judge
  - the modifies ballots
  - after the polls close (adverb clause) modifies count
  - the modifies polls

7. Many monuments are found around the White House, and foreign leaders who come to Washington often visit them.

ManyAdj monumentsS are foundV aroundPrep  
theAdj White HouseOoP,  
andC foreignAdj  
comeV toPrep WashingtonOoP oftenAdv visitV  

  - Many modifies monuments
  - around the White House (adverb prepositional phrase) modifies are found
  - the modifies White House
  - foreign modifies leaders
  - who come to Washington (adjective clause) modifies leaders
  - to Washington (adverb prepositional phrase) modifies come
  - often modifies visit

8. The doctor told us how we could revive a heart-attack victim, and she demonstrated on a dummy, me.

TheAdj doctorS toldV usIO howAdv weS  
could reviveV aAdj heart-attackAdj  
demonstratedV onPrep aAdj  
dummyOoP, meApp.

  - The modifies doctor
  - how we could revive a heart-attack victim (noun clause) used as the direct object
  - how modifies could revive
  - a and heart-attack modify victim
  - on a dummy (adverb prepositional phrase) modifies demonstrated

9. Jeff tried the new dance steps that had been demonstrated, and he mastered them quickly.

JeffS triedV theAdj newAdj danceAdj stepsDO thatS  
had been demonstratedV,  
andC heS  
themDO quicklyAdv.

  - the, new, and dance modify steps
  - that had been demonstrated (adjective clause) modifies steps
  - quickly modifies mastered

10. The bola is a rope which is used to catch animals; it has weights on the end of it.

TheAdj bolaS isV aAdj ropePN whichS is usedV  
to catchVbl animalsDO; itS hasV  
onPrep theAdj endOoP ofPrep itOoP.

  - The modifies bola
  - a modifies rope
  - to catch animals (adverb infinitive phrase) modifies is used
  - on the end (adverb prepositional phrase) modifies has
  - of it (adjective prepositional phrase) modifies end

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