Daily Grammar

Quiz for Lessons 241 - 245

Parts of the Sentence - Verbals Review

Instructions: Using all the knowledge learned in the previous lessons, find the verbs, subjects, predicate nominatives, direct objects, appositives, nouns of address, adjectives, predicate adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, objects of the preposition, indirect objects, objective complements, conjunctions, and verbals in the following sentences.

If the word is a verbal, tell whether it is a gerund, participle, noun infinitive, adjective infinitive, or adverb infinitive.  If there are any adjectives, adverbs, prepositional phrases, verbals, or verbal phrases then tell what word they modify.

The actors performed there to entertain and to be seen.
TheAdj actorsS performedV thereAdv  
to entertainVbl andC to be seenVbl.

  - The modifies actors
  - there modifies performed
  - to entertain and to be seen (adverb infinitives) modify performed


1. Are you too important to help the poor?

AreV youS tooAdv importantPAdj to helpVbl theAdj  

  - too modifies important
  - important modifies you
  - to help the poor (adverb infinitive phrase) modifies important
  - the modifies poor
  - poor is a direct object to to help

2. The crying child had upset everyone in the room.

TheAdj cryingVbl childS had upsetV everyoneDO  
inPrep theAdj roomOoP.

  - The modifies child
  - crying (participle) modifies child
  - in the room (prepositional phrase) modifies everyone
  - the modifies room

3. He jumped across the gap without knowing the distance.

HeS jumpedV acrossPrep theAdj gapOoP withoutPrep  
knowingVbl thePAdj distanceDO.

  - across the gap (prepositional phrase) modifies jumped
  - the modifies gap
  - without knowing the distance (prepositional phrase) modifies jumped
  - knowing the distance (gerund phrase) used as the object of a preposition
  - the modifies distance
  - distance is a direct object to knowing

4. Exercising is good for everyone.

ExercisingVbl isV goodPAdj forPrep everyoneOoP.

  - Exercising (gerund) used as the subject
  - good modifies Exercising
  - for everyone (prepositional phrase) modifies good

5. Jeff loves to dance constantly.

JeffS lovesV to danceVbl constantlyAdv.

  - to dance constantly (noun infinitive phrase) used as a direct object
  - constantly modifies to dance

6. Teasing by your friends is hard to take.

TeasingVbl byPrep yourAdj friendsOoP isV hardPAdj  
to takeVbl.

  - Teasing by your friends (gerund phrase) used as the subject
  - by your friends (prepositional phrase) modifies Teasing
  - your modifies friends
  - hard modifies Teasing by your friends
  - to take (adverb infinitive) modifies hard

7. Fearing reprisal, the people fled from the city.

FearingVbl reprisalDO, theAdj peopleS fledV  
fromPrep theAdj cityOoP.

  - Fearing reprisal (participial phrase) modifies people
  - reprisal is a direct object to Fearing
  - the modifies people
  - from the city (prepositional phrase) modifies fled
  - the modifies city

8. Eating out is the thing to do tonight.

EatingVbl outAdv isV theAdj thingPN to doVbl tonightAdv.

  - Eating out (gerund phrase) used as the subject
  - the modifies thing
  - to do tonight (adjective infinitive phrase) modifies thing
  - tonight modifies to do

9. I don't know whether to tell him or to keep quiet.

IS doVn'tAdv knowV whetherC to tellVbl himDO orC  
to keepVbl quietAdv.

  - to tell him (noun infinitive phrase) used as a direct object
  - him is a direct object to to tell
  - to keep quiet (noun infinitive phrase) used as a direct object
  - quiet modifies to keep

10. Our next job, to run to the store, should be done quickly.

OurAdj nextAdj jobS, to runVbl toPrep theAdj storeOoP,  
should be doneV quicklyAdv.

  - Our and next modify job
  - to run to the store (noun infinitive phrase) used as an appositive
  - to the store (prepositional phrase) modifies to run
  - the modifies store
  - quickly modifies should be done

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