Daily Grammar

Quiz for Lessons 201 - 205

Parts of the Sentence - Conjunctions

Instructions: Using all the knowledge learned in the previous lessons, find the verbs, subjects, predicate nominatives, direct objects, appositives, nouns of address, adjectives, predicate adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, objects of the preposition, indirect objects, objective complements, and conjunctions in the following sentences.  If there are any conjunctions tell whether they are co-ordinate or correlative conjunctions.

1. The consultant gave Mother and Dad some helpful hints.

TheAdj consultantS gaveV MotherIO andC DadIO  
someAdj helpfulAdj hintsDO.

 - and = co-ordinate conjunction

2. Dot was an old but reliable pinto horse.

DotS wasV anAdj oldAdj butC reliableAdj pintoAdj  

 - but = co-ordinate conjunction

3. My mother knits slowly but very surely.

MyAdj motherS knitsV slowlyAdv butC veryAdv  

 - but = co-ordinate conjunction

4. The little girls raced down the street and into the playground.

TheAdj littleAdj girlsS racedV downPrep theAdj streetOoP  
andC intoPrep theAdj playgroundOoP.

 - and = co-ordinate conjunction

5. Yesterday was not only hot but also really windy.

YesterdayS wasV not onlyC hotPAdj but alsoC  
reallyAdv windyPAdj.

 - not only / but also = correlative conjunctions

6. I have visited both the Boardwalk and Broadway.

IS have visitedV bothC theAdj BoardwalkDO  
andC BroadwayDO.

 - both / and = correlative conjunctions

7. Either Jenny or your sister will call about the party.

EitherC JennyS orC yourAdj sisterS will callV  
aboutPrep theAdj partyOoP.

 - Either / or = correlative conjunctions

8. Then she stopped at the service station for some gas or oil.

ThenAdv sheS stoppedV atPrep theAdj serviceAdj  
stationOoP forPrep someAdj gasOoP orC oilOoP.

 - or = co-ordinate conjunction

9. The water in the Pacific Ocean was very rough and cold.

TheAdj waterS inPrep theAdj Pacific OceanOoP wasV  
veryAdv roughPAdj andC coldPAdj.

 - and = co-ordinate conjunction

10. The injured one was neither Burt nor Bob.

TheAdj injuredAdj oneS wasV neitherC BurtPN  
norC BobPN.

 - neither / nor = correlative conjunctions

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