Daily Grammar

Quiz for Lessons 191 - 195

Parts of the Sentence - Review

Instructions: Using all the knowledge learned in the previous lessons, find the verbs, subjects, predicate nominatives, direct objects, appositives, nouns of address, adjectives, predicate adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, objects of the preposition, and indirect objects in the following sentences.  If there are any adjectives, adverbs, prepositional phrases, or indirect objects then tell what word they modify.

1. The car dealer gave Jim a low price for his old car.

TheAdj carAdj dealerS gaveV JimIO aAdj lowAdj priceDO  
forPrep hisAdj oldAdj carOoP.

  - The and car modify dealer
  - Jim modifies gave
  - a and low modify price
  - for his old car modifies gave or price
  - his and old modify car

2. Will wanted a job at the ranger station.

WillS wantedV aAdj jobDO atPrep theAdj rangerAdj  

  - a modifies job
  - at the ranger station modifies job
  - the and ranger modify station

3. My neighbors brought me some candy and a basket of fruit for my birthday.

MyAdj neighborsS broughtV meIO someAdj  
candyDO and aAdj basketDO ofPrep fruitOoP  
forPrep myAdj  

  - My modifies neighbors
  - me modifies brought
  - some modifies candy
  - a modifies basket
  - of fruit modifies basket
  - for my birthday modifies brought
  - my modifies birthday

4. We gave the man the name of a lodge near Trial Lake.

WeS gaveV theAdj manIO theAdj nameDO ofPrep aAdj lodgeOoP  
nearPrep Trial LakeOoP.

  - the modifies man
  - man modifies gave
  - the modifies name
  - of a lodge modifies name
  - a modifies lodge
  - near Trial Lake modifies lodge

5. An unknown donor gave the hospital a million dollars for research.

AnAdj unknownAdj donorS gaveV theAdj hospitalIO  
aAdj millionAdj dollarsDO forPrep  

  - An and unknown modify donor
  - the modifies hospital
  - hospital modifies gave
  - a and million modify dollars
  - for research modifies gave

6. The frightening experience taught the child some important lessons.

TheAdj frighteningAdj experienceS taughtV  
theAdj childIO someAdj importantAdj  

  - The and frightening modify experience
  - the modifies child
  - child modifies taught
  - some and important modify lessons

7. You should have given Boyd and me more time.

YouS should have givenV BoydIO and meIO  
moreAdj timeDO.

  - Boyd and me modify should have given
  - more modifies time

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