Daily Grammar

Quiz for Lessons 146 - 150

Parts of the Sentence - Noun & Pronoun Review

Instructions: Find the verbs, subjects, predicate nominatives, direct objects, appositives, and nouns of address in these sentences and tell whether the verb is transitive active (ta), transitive passive (tp), intransitive linking (il), or intransitive complete (ic).

1. Curtis, has Jay found his lost keys?

CurtisNoA, hasta JayS foundta his lost keysDO?

2. There on the porch stood Badger, our lost dog.

There on the porch stoodic BadgerS, our  
lost dogApp.

3. Sunday, Ila, will be our anniversary.

SundayS, IlaNoA, will beil our anniversaryPN.

4. Those two boys, Ivan and he, argue incessantly.

Those two boysS, IvanApp and heApp, argueic  

5. He needs more helpers, you and me.

HeS needsta more helpersDO, youApp and meApp.


6. Rebecca, why haven't you practiced your music?

RebeccaNoA, why havetan't youS practicedta  
your musicDO?

7. Your car has been sold today, Todd.

Your carS has been soldtp today, ToddNoA.

8. In the plowed field some corn was planted.

In the plowed field some cornS was plantedtp.

9. Joe, my uncle, Al Brim, is a famous skater.

JoeNoA, my uncleS, Al BrimApp, isil a famous 

10. This matter should not be decided without much thought.

This matterS shouldtp not be decidedtp  
without much thought.

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