Daily Grammar

Lesson 60

Parts of Speech - Adverbs

Do not use two negative words to limit one idea. Be careful not to use not or n't, no, never, none, hardly, scarcely, or nothing with another negative word.

Correct - Jim never likes help. Jim likes no help.
Incorrect - Jim never likes no help.
Correct - Barbara said nothing. Barbara didn't say anything.
Incorrect - Barbara didn't say nothing.


Instructions: Choose the correct form in parentheses for these sentences.

1. Carl hasn't (none, any) more tickets.

Carl hasn't any more tickets.

2. Jeff (can, can't) hardly wait to come home.

Jeff can hardly wait to come home.

3. This shouldn't (ever, never) happen again.

This shouldn't ever happen again.

4. We (haven't, have) scarcely any fuel left.

We have scarcely any fuel left.

5. Jeanne won't need (no, any) money for school.

Jeanne won't need any money for school.

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