Daily Grammar

Lesson 52

Parts of Speech - Adverbs

Most adjectivesAdjectives modify or affect the meaning of nouns and pronouns and tell us which, whose, what kind, and how many about the nouns or pronouns they modify.
Source: Lesson 31
that end in y change the y to i and then add the ly to form the adverbsAdverbs are words that modify verbs, adjectives, and other adverbs. They tell how (manner), when (time), where (place), how much (degree), and why (cause).
Source: Lesson 46

lazy  -  lazily


Instructions: Change the following adjectives to adverbs.

1. happy

happy  -  happily

2. easy

easy  -  easily

3. mighty

mighty  -  mightily

4. busy

busy  -  busily

5. angry

angry  -  angrily

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