Daily Grammar

Lesson 437

Mechanics - Punctuation - Brackets

Use a bracketed sic [meaning "thus in the original"] to show that an error in quoted material is not an error in quoting, but the error was in the original text.

"i[sic] felt very bad."
(The "I" should have been capitalized.)


Instructions: Insert [sic] where needed in the following sentences.

1. "The robber put the monie in the canvas bag."

"The robber put the monie[sic] in the canvas bag."

2. "I will be leaving early tommorrow by train."

"I will be leaving early tommorrow[sic] by train."

3. "I wanted to kill the man because he was a Yanky."

"I wanted to kill the man because he was a Yanky[sic]."

4. "He was a nown criminal by everyone there."

"He was a nown[sic] criminal by everyone there."

5. He complained, "I ain't going."

He complained, "I ain't[sic] going."

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