Daily Grammar

Lesson 42

Parts of Speech - Adjectives

When you are using separate nounsA noun is a word that names a person, place, thing, or idea. Examples: man, city, book, and courage.  Source: Lesson 16, be sure to use the articles (a, an, or the) before each noun. If only one thing or person is meant, do not repeat the article.

I need a secretary and a bookkeeper. (two persons)
I need a secretary and bookkeeper. (one person)
She lost the black and white kitten. (one kitten)
She lost the black and the white kitten. (two kittens)


Instructions: Choose the correct form in these sentences.

1. Mrs. Jones is (a wife and a doctor, a wife and doctor).

Mrs. Jones is a wife and doctor.

2. Jane wanted (a girl and a boy, a girl and boy) for the committee.

Jane wanted a girl and a boy for the committee.

3. Jack was wearing (a green and red, a green and a red) shirt.

Jack was wearing a green and red shirt.

4. Joan wants to be (a rock star or a lawyer, a rock star or lawyer).

Joan wants to be a rock star or a lawyer.

5. Jim brought (a bat and ball, a bat and a ball).

Jim brought a bat and a ball.

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