Daily Grammar

Lesson 415

Mechanics - Punctuation - Apostrophes

Use an apostrophe to indicate the plural of letters, numbers, signs, and words referred to as words. The letter, number, sign, or word is italicized but the apostrophe and "s" ('s) is not.


Material that is italicized in print or by computer is underlined in typewritten or hand written work.


Instructions: Supply the apostrophes in the following sentences.

1. Your fs look like bs when you write.

Your f 's look like b's when you write.

2. Your speech had too many uhs in it.

Your speech had too many uh's in it.

3. Your 3s and 5s need to be clearer.

Your 3's and 5's need to be clearer.

4. Always spell out your ands and don't use &s in your writing.

Always spell out your and's and don't use &'s in your writing.

5. There are too many etcs in this paper.

There are too many etc's in this paper.

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