Daily Grammar

Lesson 410

Mechanics - Punctuation - Apostrophes

As a rule, use the "of" phraseA phrase is a group of words used as a sentence part. It does not have a subject and a verb. It can be a noun, adjective, or adverb.  Source: Lesson 246 to show possession by (or connection with) inanimate objects.

the edge of the grass [not the lawn's edge]


Instructions: Choose the correct form for each of the following sentences.  In some circumstances, either answer is correct.

1. Will you get me the (horse's bridle, bridle of the horse)?

Will you get me the horse's bridle?
  - or -  (both correct)
Will you get me the bridle of the horse?

2. The (jar's top, top of the jar) was broken.

The top of the jar was broken.

3. We found the wrecked car at the (road's end, end of the road).

We found the wrecked car at the end of the road.

4. (My uncle's friend, The friend of my uncle's) will be here tomorrow.

My uncle's friend will be here tomorrow.
  - or -  (both correct)
The friend of my uncle's will be here tomorrow.

5. All the (car's tires, tires of the car) were flat.

All the tires of the car were flat.

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