Daily Grammar

Lesson 40

Parts of Speech - Adjectives

Never use double comparisons. If you use er or est, then don't use more or most.

Correct: He is busier than I.
Incorrect: He is more busier than I.


Instructions: Chose the correct form in the following sentences.

1. Yesterday we played our (worse, worst) concert.

Yesterday we played our worst concert.

2. I am (more hungrier, hungrier) now.

I am hungrier now.

3. Who is the (shorter, more shorter, most short, shortest) of the four sisters?

Who is the shortest of the four sisters?

4. Is this the (best, better, more better, most best ) value that you have?

Is this the best value that you have?

5. John is the (most happiest, happiest) kid I know.

John is the happiest kid I know.

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