Daily Grammar

Lesson 377

Mechanics - Punctuation - Quotation Marks

Use single quotation marks for a quotation within a quotation.

"Dad always says, 'Maybe,'" cried Pam.


Instructions: Use quotation marks where needed in these sentences.

1. Have you read The Scarlet Ibis, a very good short story? asked the teacher.

"Have you read 'The Scarlet Ibis,' a very good short story?" asked the teacher.

2. He replied, I know she said, I am not sure.

He replied, "I know she said, 'I am not sure.'"

3. Everyone will read the chapter entitled Africa for tomorrow, commanded the substitute teacher.

"Everyone will read the chapter entitled 'Africa' for tomorrow," commanded the substitute teacher.

4. The witness answered, I heard the officer say Put down the gun!

The witness answered, "I heard the officer say 'Put down the gun!'"

5. This famous painting Square Sunlight has won many awards, stated the guide.

"This famous painting 'Square Sunlight' has won many awards," stated the guide.

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