Daily Grammar

Lesson 369

Mechanics - Punctuation - Commas

Use a comma or commas to separate the exact words of the speaker from the rest of the sentence unless the sense of the sentence requires some other punctuation (? or !).  In quoted words, the comma always goes inside the quotation marks.

"I can help you now," said the clerk.
The clerk said, "I can help you now."


Instructions: Place commas or other punctuation where they are needed.

1. "I think" Marie answered "that I can help you tomorrow."

"I think," Marie answered, "that I can help you tomorrow."

2. "I know" she replied "the answer to that question."

"I know," she replied, "the answer to that question."

3. "No" he called after her "I won't forget the appointment!"

"No," he called after her, "I won't forget the appointment!"

4. "Come with me" pleaded the teacher "and you will not be disappointed."

"Come with me," pleaded the teacher, "and you will not be disappointed."

5. "Did you see" Curtis asked "the plane go down?"

"Did you see," Curtis asked, "the plane go down?"

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