Daily Grammar

Lesson 316

Mechanics - Capitalization

Capitalize titles preceding personal names, abbreviations of those titles used with proper names, initials, or titles when used alone in place of the name or person.

Mr., Miss, Rev., Dr., W. C. Johanson, Captain


Instructions: Capitalize each word that needs a capital letter.

1. Have you met the rev. mr. ryan, mrs. hubbard, and dr. peterson?

Have you met the Rev. Mr. Ryan, Mrs. Hubbard, and Dr. Peterson?

2. This is supt. e. r. wing who was a captain during combat.

This is Supt. E. R. Wing who was a captain during combat.

3. mr. and mrs. jones with miss smith will accompany you tomorrow.

Mr. and Mrs. Jones with Miss Smith will accompany you tomorrow.

4. Did you serve, colonel, in india?

Did you serve, Colonel, in India?

5. I am to dine with cardinal corolucci tonight.

I am to dine with Cardinal Corolucci tonight.

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