Daily Grammar

Lesson 12

Parts of Speech - Verbs

Verb phrases with two or more helping verbs always keep a definite order.  Most helping verbs can combine with other helping verbs but will not combine with all of them.

Examples of good combinations:
  is being said
  has been said
  will be said
  could have been said
  may have said
  had been said


Instructions:  Arrange the following helping verbs with the word in parentheses into a verb phrase.  One of the helping verbs will not combine and must be left out.

was, have, may (gone) = may have gone
  -  "was" will not combine in this group

1. am, will, being (fired)

 am being fired

2. been, could, does, have (learning)

 could have been learning

3. might, do, have, been (sleeping)

 might have been sleeping

4. must, were, be (discovered)

 must be discovered

5. be, has, should (sold)

 should be sold

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