Daily Grammar

Lesson 3

Parts of Speech - Verbs

Instructions: Pick out the verbs in these sentences and tell whether they are action verbsAction verbs are verbs that show action. Action verbs are the most common verbs.
Source: Lesson 1
or linking verbsLinking verbs (state of being verbs) show that something exists; they do not show action. Some common linking verbs include: is, am, are, was, were, be, being, been, seem, look, feel, and become.
Source: Lesson 2

1. Suddenly someone sneezed loudly.

Suddenly someone sneezed loudly.
  - action verb

2. There are holes in my shirt.

There are holes in my shirt.
  - linking verb

3. He appears happy.

He appears happy.
  - linking verb

4. The image appeared in the mirror.

The image appeared in the mirror.
  - action verb

Note: Some verbs like appear can be either action or linking verbs.  It depends on whether it shows action or not.

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