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Quiz for Lessons 91 - 95

Parts of the Sentence - Subject/Verb


Instructions: Find the subject and verb in the following sentences. Remember that some sentences can have an inverted order.


1. Here is my shoe!


2. The little boy hit the big girl.


3. You seem unhappy today.


4. Down the road hopped the rabbit.


5. Are we going out on Halloween?


6. Have the men come all the way from Europe?


7. The soup tasted good in the cold weather.


8. The passenger should have been stopped at the gate.


9. The mail could have arrived earlier.


10. Don't go into that house!



--For answers scroll down.















1. shoe - subject, is - verb


2. boy - subject, hit - verb


3. you - subject, seem - verb


4. rabbit - subject, hopped - verb


5. we - subject, are going - verb


6. men - subject, have come - verb


7. soup - subject, tasted - verb


8. passenger - subject, should have been stopped - verb


9. mail - subject, could have arrived - verb


10. (you) - subject, do go - verb


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