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Quiz for Lessons 166-170

Parts of the Sentence - Adverbs


Instructions: Find the adverbs in the following sentences and tell what word they modify.


1. You are almost always the leader.


2. Please turn around slowly, Ted.


3. Now we will try this totally complicated case.


4. Again and again he had been warned about the very extreme weather.


5. Certainly he looks decidedly older in that somewhat dim light.


6. The missing document reappeared suddenly and rather mysteriously.


7. I will never come here again.


8. Pavarotti sings very well.


9. Today you surely will tell a totally truthful story.


10. Almost every answer has been quickly and assuredly given.



--For answers scroll down.














1. almost modifies the adverb always telling how much, always modifies the verb are telling when


2. please/around/slowly modify the verb turn telling how


3. now modifies the verb will try telling when, totally modifies the adjective complicated telling how much


4. again/again modify the verb had been warned telling when, very modifies the adjective extreme telling how much


5. certainly modifies the verb looks telling how, decidedly modifies the adjective older telling how much, somewhat modifies the adjective dim telling how much


6. suddenly/mysteriously modify the verb reappeared telling how, rather modifies the adverb mysteriously telling how much


7. never/again modify the verb will come telling when, here modifies the verb will come telling where


8, well modifies the verb sings telling how, very modifies the adverb well telling how much


9. today modifies the verb will tell telling when, surely modifies the verb will tell telling how, totally modifies the adjective truthful telling how much


10. quickly/assuredly modify the verb has been given telling how, almost modifies the adjective every telling how much


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