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Quiz for Lessons 1-15

Parts of Speech - Verbs


Instructions: Answer each question true or false.


1. Verbs never change form.


2. A verb is never just one word.


3. Verb phrases keep a definite order.


4. There are twenty-three helping verbs.


5. Helping verbs cannot be the main verb.


6. Helping verbs can be action verbs.


7. Verb phrases can have three helping verbs.


8, Verbs can be in contracted form.


9. State of being verbs show action.


10. Verbs are the most important words in a sentence.



--For answers scroll down.














1. false (Lesson 13)


2. false (Lesson 4)


3. true (Lesson 12)


4. true (Lesson 4)


5. false (Lesson 5)


6. true (Lesson 5)


7. true (Lesson 4)


8. true (Lesson 8)


9. false (Lesson 1)


10. true (Lesson 1)


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