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Lesson 371

Mechanics - Punctuation - Quotation Marks


Use quotation marks around the exact words of a speaker. Example: He said, "I saw that." "I saw it too," she said.


Instructions: Use quotation marks where needed in these sentences.


1. I wish the election were over, said Fred.


2. Will they finish this week? asked Frida.


3. Willard added, It is becoming a joke.


4. We can now see that every vote counts, concluded Sara.


5. Yes, we know that we should vote every time, commented Jeff.



--For answers scroll down.















1. "I wish the election was over," said Fred.


2. "Will they finish this week?" asked Frida.


3. Willard added, "It is becoming a joke!"


4. "We can now see that every vote counts," concluded Sara.


5. "Yes, we know that we should vote every time," commented Jeff.



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